Gifts that Suit All

Gifts to Suit All

Whether you’re looking for a romantic present for your other half, a surprise to send to your sister who lives overseas, or something for yours truly, there are a number of gift options available.

From hampers brimming with artisan delights to bouquets of beautiful blooms that promise to brighten up the day of a loved one to helium balloons brandishing the words ‘happy birthday’ – there is a gift for everyone out there! We’ve listed a few of our favorites below…

Gorgeous flowers

Autumn Bouquet

A bouquet is a great gift to send to a parent, a work colleague, a girlfriend or a family member. There are a variety of bouquets to choose from, in an array of different sizes and designs. If you know what the recipient’s favorite flower is, try to opt for a bouquet that features this bloom alone, or alternatively, picks numerous different blooms for a truly eclectic mix.

Pretty plants

Autumn Plant Gift

How does one make a house a home? With a pretty plant of course! Gifting an individual a small shrub is a great idea, as it will instantly add color and life to your property – including both the interior and exterior spaces. From olive trees to rose bushes and luxurious orchids – there is a plant to suit all. To have the most impact, choose a species that you know the recipient will both love and care for. For example, if gifting a busy person, opt for a plant that is extremely low maintenance.

However, if choosing a green-leaved companion for those with a keen interest in gardening, select something more tropical in style. When it comes to choosing where to buy such an item, you’ll be pleased to hear there are a number of online florists available, many of which – including Serenata Flowers – offer next day delivery. Plants with their succulent foliage are both serene and sophisticated, and when cared for correctly, will promise an assortment of picture-perfect flowers year after year.

Food and drink hampers

Food and Drink Hamper

Looking for a gift that will bring a guaranteed smile to a foodies face? Look no further than a food or drink hamper. From smaller hampers and medium-sized gift baskets to oversized creations, there is an array of food and drink hampers to choose from.

Some contain cheeses from around the globe, while others house an assortment of beers and ales; then you have the hampers that boast a little of everything, including sweet and savory treats, fine wines and bottles of fizz galore. These are great gifts for individuals or the entire family – particularly at Christmas time when everyone tends to get together and indulging is high on the agenda.

A playlist

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, yet still wish to send a thoughtful gift to a special someone, go ‘old school’ and make them their very own playlist. Try to think of songs that have memories tied to them to create music that tells a story.

An experience

For those who have everything, choose an experience. From driving a supercar to flying a plane, to a voucher for a cooking class or a trip to a city destination – there are a number of experience gift ideas available. This is a great gift for a partner, close friend or family member, as it’s likely you can partake in the experience with them!

Helium balloons

Thank You Helium Baloon

Whether you’re attending an event, throwing a surprise birthday party or saying ‘good luck’ to a colleague who is about to start a new job – helium balloons can provide plenty of fun and excitement. These balloons can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door and will arrive in a box – meaning once opened, the balloon inside will rise to the sky. With an array of messages to choose from, there is a balloon to suit all personas and occasions.

The gift of charity

If the person you are trying to gift has specifically said they don’t want or need anything, send them a card that informs them you have gifted the money you would have spent on their present to their favorite charity. This is a sweet, heartfelt gift and one that will warm the heart of the recipient, while also helping a great cause.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him – UK trends

Shopping for the main man in your life can be a challenge, to say the least! Particularly if they’re the type of guy who claims to have everything. With this in mind, it’s important to choose gifts for him in advance. Regardless of whether you’re buying for your father, brother, son, partner or husband, it’s imperative to pick gifts for him that he’s sure to like.

Clothes, leather accessories, shoes, subscription boxes, and cool tech gadgets are just a few of the items you can’t go wrong with when it comes to choosing gifts for him. To help guide you on your gifting journey – and to provide a little inspiration – we’ve listed a few of our favorites below…

Ale Hampers

Ale Hamper with Cheese

If, like most men, he enjoys his ale, choose a gift brimming with an assortment of bold beverages. Serenata Flowers offers a range of ale hampers, many of which come with cheese, nibbles, and nuts – all of which make the perfect pairing partners. This beer-infused gift hampers house the likes of premium lagers and classic English ales, all of which have been teamed with the creamiest of cheeses and the naughtiest of nibbles. Choose from the likes of a trio of ales and cheeses, beers from around the world, the gentleman’s hamper or the ultimate ale hamper. Many of these options are also available with next day delivery.

Hampers for the ultimate foodies

Gourmet Basket Hamper

Those who enjoy indulging every now and again will certainly enjoy receiving a hamper packed with sweet or savory treats, including the likes of chocolate truffles, pork scratchings, an assortment of mouth-watering cheeses, accompanying chutneys and crackers, jams, olives, fine wines, and bold beers. Serenata Flowers has an array of fine food hampers, including everything from cheese and fine food hampers to picnic hampers. These are a great gift for your nearest and dearest as you’re able to tailor the gift basket to their tastes. Alternatively, you could give one to your colleagues, as there are a number of generic hampers available too.

Subscription boxes

If the individual you’re gifting lives a little further afield, such as a son at university or a brother in a different country, treating them to a subscription box is a great idea! From skincare subscriptions and fragrance boxes to food baskets and magazines – there is a subscription box to suit every guy in your life.

A plant

Men often buy women bouquets, and although there is no reason not to return the favor, a plant is often more appreciated – partly because it will last a great deal longer. From small succulents to freestanding plants, this gift will add an instant splash of color to the home or garden. Serenata Flowers boasts an array of options, including outdoor plants, house plants, autumn plants, and orchids to name just a few. This is the ultimate gift for longevity and one that will add life to an indoor or outdoor space.

Style him

Stylish jeans are at the center of many men’s wardrobes. They are as stylish (if you choose the right pair), as they are durable. You can also find an array of well-priced options, which makes them an even better gift to give. Just make sure you remember what size he is – and keep the receipt just in case you get it wrong. At least that means he can get the right size if you are slightly out.

Wireless headphones

Headphones have been reinvented, with wired versions now a thing of the past! Bluetooth headphones, therefore, make an ideal present for those who love to own the latest gadgets. Buy him a pair of these snazzy headphones, and you’re guaranteed to be in his good books for a while! When it comes to selecting the perfect gifts for him, this is a great go-to option!

Say it with a shirt

With the cooler weather creeping in, a flannel shirt is not only on trend, but it’s made of a plush cotton material that guarantees warmth. It’s also an extremely comfortable and stylish gift to give. The best part – you can choose a color and design that you’re a fan of too!

Give the gift of a great night’s sleep

It’s not just women who enjoy fine bedsheets, men are keen on maximum comfort too! Buying him the most luxurious sheets you can source is a unique gift he’s guaranteed to appreciate, especially if he has just moved into a new house. Try to pick a style and hue that will match his décor, although if you’re unsure of what this is, you should opt for a more generic color. When it comes to gifts for him, this is definitely a more personal option and one that should be therefore gifted to a partner or close family member.

Mens Gift Sets

Choosing Men Gift Sets

Men are notoriously hard to buy for. If they don’t already own everything they need, it’s likely their taste is somewhat eclectic or expensive. With this in mind, mens gift sets are a great idea – they are versatile, there is likely a gift set to suit every guy in existence, and they can be as budget-friendly as required.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites to give you inspiration when it comes to buying gifts for the main men in your life…

Gift hampers

Whether they are foodies or enjoy an ale every now and again, a gift basket brimming with an assortment of cheese, chutneys, chocolates and fine wines is sure to put a smile on a friend or family member’s face. Whether you create your own, or buy a hamper one online, such as those stocked by Serenata Flowers, this is an easy gift to tailor to the individual.

If they enjoy cheese, give them just that in the shape of a cheese hamper: a basket brimming with a variety of savoury cheeses from all around the world, including the likes of artisan cheeses, British cheddar, a cheese trug or an array of naughty but nice cheeses.

If they prefer their wines, wine hampers are an excellent and sophisticated way to say congratulations, happy birthday, happy anniversary or I love you. Regardless of the occasion, there is a wine hamper to suit all.

Looking for something more masculine? Look no further than a beer hamper, brimming with a selection of ales and lagers: from premium lagers to classic English ales, a beer hamper is guaranteed to hit the spot. Many of these hampers come paired with the creamiest of cheeses and the naughtiest of nibbles.

Men’s fragrance gift sets

Treat the man in your life to an enticing new fragrance experience in the shape of the perfect gift set, complete with the scent, a body cream, a shower gel and more. If he travels a lot, either socially or for work, opt for a travel set instead.


It may seem like a lackluster gift, but socks are in fact highly appreciated by guys – partly because they always seem to lose one and therefore need an ongoing supply. There are many fancy and funny variants available, including those created from cashmere and those with funny sayings splashed across them – meaning your budget can be as big or as small as desired.

Beer gift sets

For the man that enjoys his worldly beers, a ‘beers of the world’ hamper is guaranteed to suffice. This particular hamper boasts an array of delights in the shape of everything from premium lagers, such as Gran Riserva and Asahi, to others sourced from off the beaten track.

To complete this gift set, inside you’ll find an assortment of moreish nibbles comprising luxury nuts, pork scratchings and spicy crisps – all he could ever need for a night in with the boys!

Chocolate gift set

If he has a sweet tooth, mens gift sets containing an assortment of sweet treats are a great idea. If you’re unsure of his favourite type, choose a hamper comprising white, milk and dark assortments.

The likes of the Definitive Chocolate Hamper promises to cover all bases and arrives brimming with every sweet treat he could ever want, including everything from tantalizing truffles and tangy fruit bites to chocolates containing naughty nut fillings.

If you’re lucky, he may even share this gift set with you!

A luggage gift set

This is one for the worldly traveller. A luggage set comprising of luggage tags, a wash bag and three sizes of case is the perfect man’s gift set for those looking to invest in a special birthday or anniversary present.

Whether he’s jetting off to a Caribbean island with yours truly, a weekend away with the boys or an overnight stay with work – there is a bag to suit all occasions.

One for the wine enthusiast

A red wine gift basket is an ideal present for a colleague, a friend or a partner – and is the perfect gift set for those who are passionate about red wine. This particular gift basket boasts a bottle of must-try French red, a happy birthday helium balloon, a box of delicious salted caramel truffles and an exquisite yellow rose plant. This is the perfect present for those wishing to gift someone who lives further afield, as it can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door or place of work.

As you can see there are a variety of mens gift sets out there, meaning you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding one to suit the occasion. If you are ordering ahead of a special day, such as a birthday or anniversary, remember to check the delivery options to ensure your parcel turns up at a suitable time.