How Much do People Usually Spend on Wedding Gifts?

Weddings are exciting, wonderful celebrations that warrant rejoices, gifts and get-togethers. But how much should one spend, is there a set amount, a limit? In fact, the amount you spend on a wedding gift is entirely up to you. It’s the thought that counts and your presence alone are in itself a present.  What to […]

Choosing a 20-Year Anniversary Gift

Twenty years together is a huge milestone and one that should most definitely be celebrated. Whether you throw a soiree, plan a surprise trip for your better half or choose a meaningful gift, there are plenty of ways to rejoice all the memories and years spent together. It’s very easy to be spoilt for choice, […]

1st Day at School Gifts

However you put it, the first day of each school year is stressful. It is stressful both for the parents, the children, and the teachers. There are children who look forward to the start of a new school year, but all the time they are farther and farther between. The parents have to deal with […]

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