Anniversary Messages for a Wife

Anniversary Messages Every Wife Wants to Hear

The usual generic anniversary message simply doesn’t cut it anymore – she’s heard every line in the book, and she’s heard it plenty.

There comes a time in every marriage when it is necessary to dig deep into the well of creativity and come up with an original, yet realistic anniversary message. “You brighten my days like the morning sun—” Wait, wait; back it up.

No way does anyone’s wife deserve the Tesco anniversary card level of effort from you. Regardless of whether the husband is a person who expresses their emotions easily or not, she deserves the best. A great technique to let loose the floodgates and fill the paper with sincerity, caring, and respect for your wife is to try and think of all the things you love about her; of all the things you fell in love with at the very beginning.

That way, you can give her something deep and from the heart, like this:

“Dear Wife,

Thank you. Thank you for being my faithful companion even after all this time. We both know it hasn’t been easy, these past fifteen years, and even the best of marriages are bound to stumble upon the rocks of confusion, uncertainty, satiety.

It is always an uphill battle, one with amazing moments and glorious emotions, but an uphill battle nevertheless. Whenever times are hard, the world cruel, and friends lack understanding, I can always count on you being here for me.

As you know, this isn’t something that comes easy to me. You’ve told me before that I am difficult when it comes to expressing my feelings, that you would like me to do it more often. I truly do understand how frustrating that must be. But I’m giving it my best. I’m giving it my very best right here.

As corny as it may sound, thank you for being you. And thank you for being there for me. I love you.”

Or you can go with something a bit more, well, direct:

“Dear Wife,

I’m very glad this first year of marriage of ours is over. It has been a trying period, but I simply cannot get over how much we’ve both improved in terms of being able to live together without killing each other.

For starters, I started doing the housework. You know, after the initial few setbacks, I realized that housework can indeed make or break a marriage – just like you told me.

You’ve always been wiser than me. It is not about keeping the floors or the kitchen counters spotless, per se, but more about taking an equal part and bearing equal responsibilities in our life together.

And even though it wasn’t easy, no year spent otherwise would make me nearly as happy as the one I just spent with you.

I love you, baby, and if you’ll let me, I’d like to spend many more years with you quarrelling about taking out the trash.”

If you really like to walk the tightrope, you could go for a very succinct message, not open to interpretation:

“Dear Wife,

I love you. Thanks for being the perfect wife.”

The former message is fine, by itself, but is not advisable in any situation, in any marriage. You might want to flesh that out a bit and show your wife that you are not a lazy heartless troglodyte, that you didn’t actually write her anniversary card in the back of the car on your way from a football match with the lads.

Whatever you decide to put in an anniversary card, do it properly. It’s important. Presents and gifts and cards bought or put together in haste show. You may think you’ve fooled your wife or your son with a card or a gift picked out at the gas station, but they know. And they remember.

Whenever you give to your wife, give with your heart, give with your soul, give her yourself – she is your favourite co-traveller on the journey that is life.

Words can, and often do mean more than a box with a bow; do it like this, open up to her, and your wife will adore you more than anything else in the world.

“Dear Wife,

Year after year I wake up on this day by your side, happy and grateful.

Happy because of you, grateful for you. Day in, day out, you make me want to become the best man I can be. I don’t know what life would like look without you anymore – especially watching all those movies together while you drive me insane by typing away on your phone or incessantly asking the most irrelevant questions about the plot?

But that’s exactly what makes you you, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

Here’s to another 50 years, at least, of ruining good movies. I love you.”

Sarah Marsalle

Author: Sarah Marsalle

Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.

Sarah Marsalle
Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.
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