Top Selection of Gifts for a Baby Girl

Whether you’re celebrating the arrival of a new baby, a baby shower or a baby’s first birthday, there are plenty of reasons to gift both the baby girl and the proud parents. If you’re undecided over what to buy as a present, here’s our top selection of gifts for a baby girl. A personalized blanket […]

Cool Gifts for Guys

Men, no matter what their interests and hobbies may be, are notoriously difficult to shop for. This is why there is a skill in choosing gifts for men that they will love and enjoy, as well as picking something that he doesn’t already own. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, […]

Halloween – Celebrate 2019

Hallow een? Hall of ween? Hallo ween? How did Halloween come to be? The etymology of the name? What does the holiday represent, actually, besides candy and pumpkins and horror movies? To give you an answer to these questions, we at Hipper have done our research. Once again, it is upon us: every year, on […]

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