How Much do People Usually Spend on Wedding Gifts?

Weddings are exciting, wonderful celebrations that warrant rejoices, gifts and get-togethers. But how much should one spend, is there a set amount, a limit? In fact, the amount you spend on a wedding gift is entirely up to you. It’s the thought that counts and your presence alone are in itself a present.  What to […]

10 Unusual Gifts for a Wedding

You’ve been invited to a wedding, again? The bride and the groom are preparing themselves to say ‘I do’, and you have to encourage yourself to think ‘I will bring these people something’. You’ve been to so many similar events in your adult life and you’re in despair about what to get them, while still […]

Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Nobody deserves more of a thank you or a cute present than your best friends, which is why finding the perfect bridesmaid gift is a must! Thankfully, there are a number of bridesmaid gift ideas to choose from, including everything from beautiful blooms and matching bracelets, to hand-embroidered handkerchiefs. If you’re still stuck for inspiration, […]

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