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Unsure what to get your Grandparents for Grandparents Day? Unsure what to get them in general? We’ve compiled a short gift-giving guide for your grandparents, based on their hobbies, personality and season. Let’s get into it right away:

  • Gardening

A lot of senior citizens love to garden. It is only natural, since gardening is a beautiful activity that allows them to be outside in the fresh air, grow fruit and vegetables which they can then annoy all their friends and relatives with (it’s the classic “I’ve got beet and a couple of tomatoes and pears for you, and you’re not hearing the end of this until you come visit and pick them up. Also, I’ll have some kale early on next week, so keep that in mind.”) As much as it’s a healing activity for them, it is also a way for your grandparents to lure you into visiting by using fresh, homemade produce. And it’s great. Let yourself be lured.

Here, there are endless gift-giving possibilities. You can get them quality gardening equipment: gloves, tools, boots, proper attire, seeds, books, you name it. You can also go get your Ikea fix and buy your grandparents a set of marmalade jars, utensils, plates, crock-pots; whatever they may need to fulfil all their gardening and food-preparing needs.

  • Playing chess, checkers or doing the crossword

Additionally, we could add watching TV here. If they’re a sedentary person and don’t move much, there is an abundance of amazing gifts you can get them. Your grandma likes to whip your grandpa at chess? Get them a gorgeous chess set. She likes doing the crossword puzzle? Get her the fattest book of puzzles that will last her a lifetime – it’ll also keep her sharp and in great mental shape. Your grandpa likes watching politics and cursing at the TV? Great LCDs are incredibly cheap nowadays, and there is no reason anyone should strain their eyes or watch their favourite programme on a subpar television set nowadays.

  • Annoying you with phone calls every day

Get yourself a number screening device. (Just kidding… Somewhat). Buy them a new phone/mobile phone that is easy to operate and has great sound quality, doesn’t overheat and lets them go on and on about their ailments, issues and what a lousy grandson or granddaughter you are for only visiting once a week. It’ll be majestic.

  • Hiking

If your grandparents are still in shape enough to go walking, hiking or simply milling around the city regularly, great. Invest in a pair of good hiking/walking shoes for them, buy your grandpa a windproof jacket that will replace his old war windbreaker torn in 7 different places, get your grandma a nice silk scarf, get them a beautiful bag to carry their groceries or hiking equipment in, perhaps a smartphone that can be located remotely if they’re wood-hikers (nothing crass or “jokey” about this, it may prove to be a wise investment), or book a walking/hiking tour for them in a place they’ve never been before and are comfortable visiting.

  • Crocheting, painting, reading, writing

You can never ever go wrong with a good book. If your grandparents are into arts and crafts, there is a myriad of gifts you can give them. From books, reading lights, pens, stationery, envelopes, thread and needles, paints, brushes, painting stands, etc. They will appreciate any of these gifts immensely because they’ll use them in their favourite activity – and you can rarely go wrong here. Well, you can, if you decide to get your Keats/Shelley/Byron-reading grandmother 50 Shades of Gray or something like that. Yeah. Don’t do that. Do some research, especially if you’re giving them books. And, well, this kind of goes directly against the author’s first sentence in this paragraph. Okay, let’s put it like this: you can’t go wrong with a good book, but you can miss the mark by miles and miles with a bad one. Sounds fair?

  • Sitting around looking through the window

If your grandparents are the, as we affectionately call them, crime-watchers in the neighbourhood, there are a variety of gifts available. For starters, you can get them a pair of binoculars to improve your grandmother’s spying skills of Mrs. Cowley’s gardening skills down the street. Alternatively, you can get them new glass for their windows so they can get a better view of things. Also, better couches, chairs, sofas – whatever makes it more comfortable for them. Check if they need new spectacles? Kindly ask Mrs. Cowley to do her gardening a bit to the side so your grandma can get a better view? Kindly ask Mr. Chesham from down the road to sometimes let his dog do its business in, say, Mrs. Cowley’s bushes (with previous permission from Mrs. Cowley), so your grandma has a scandal to look forward to? All easily arranged.

  • Flowers, wine, chocolate and cheese hampers, cards

Whatever your grandparents’ hobbies, preferences, characters, personalities – anything – you can never go wrong here. Of course, don’t buy chocolates if someone’s a diabetic (or wine if they’re a non-drinker; cheese if they’re lactose intolerant), but that’s pretty much it. has an amazing choice of gorgeous flowers, wines, hampers and brilliantly and wittily designed cards. You buy a bouquet, have it delivered to your address (not theirs), go there and give it to them, air out their apartment a bit, tidy up, place the flowers on the table, and brighten their living quarters and lives with your effort, love and, ultimately, beautiful gift.

No one requires so much attention as your grandparents, who more often than not unfortunately get too little of it. Love them, cherish them, show them how much they mean to you – and remind them of what beautiful human beings they really are.

Sarah Marsalle

Author: Sarah Marsalle

Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.

Sarah Marsalle
Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.
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