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Gifts for the Moms-to-be

This article kicks off with a broad, generalized statement: motherhood is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Is it true?

All who have experienced it, say that it is, and very much so.

As you may have noticed, the world is full of beautiful things. Things like the sunset, sunup, lapping waves of the ocean, crackling of fire, howling of the wind; the kindness of a stranger, the unmitigated and unblemished happiness of a child, good news from the doctor, a full, hearty meal by the fireplace after a long day of walking in the rain all scream in favour of life.

They are the things worth living for, worth looking out for, and worth braving life’s difficulties for.

However, nothing can compare to the joy and beauty of motherhood. It is the singular most beautiful thing that humans being can ever hope to achieve. A mother brings her child (or children, never forget that possibility – rejoice, young parents who never planned on this possibility, things are going to get a little bit more crowded now!) into the world. She and the father introduce him to the aforementioned wonders. They teach him to love, be kind, give to this world as much as he wants to take it… It’s amazing.

However, before all the wonders and beautiful things take place, a woman has to first carry the child to term. In other words, she has to survive the pregnancy.

Now, all you mums-to-be, pregnancy is not as bad as some make it out to be. It’s worse.


It’s an entirely normal, bearable condition. It does have certain side effects to it, though. Women all over have reported bloating, weight gain, lack of sleep, nausea, food cravings, stretch marks, moodiness, hormonal unbalance, etc.

So (finally getting to the point, Florence!), in order to combat all of these, Hipper has come up with a list of 11 great gifts for the mum-to-be, to help her keep a happy and smiling face to the end.

Baby clothes

You can never go wrong with these. Her baby, once it’s born, is going to grow. It’s going to outgrow all its clothes pretty soon – the difference in the baby’s size between a month-old and a 3-month-old is pretty great, let alone a 6 and 12-month-old. You can never go wrong with this as a present. Not only will you ease the soon-to-be parents’ financial burden, but will also take one thing off of their minds.

Don’t buy anything expensive, since it’s: a) kind of silly (personal opinion of the author, doesn’t pertain to Hipper as a brand) to dress a small child in branded clothes for a number of reasons, b) they will outgrow them.

A solid, well-built baby bottle

A good glass bottle will make sure the baby is drinking only the intended liquids, without the potentially harmful plastic by-products.

A great big pillow to cry in

Because pregnancy makes them fat and moody (not all, don’t worry, a small percentage only). Just make sure the covers can be removed for washing. Tears are salty.

Nice album for the baby photos

Even with the rise of digital technologies for viewing and storing and cataloging photos, people still like their printed photos. And it’s understandable. They can watch them together with other people, they won’t disappear when someone’s hard drive goes on the fritz, and they trigger the ‘memory lane’ experience much faster than photos on a screen. So, get the expectant mother a nice baby album – they’ll be grateful.

A spa gift-card for use within the next 12 months

At some point, after they give birth, the mother-to-be will want to rest, even if it’s only for a day. Pregnancy is hard, giving birth is hard, and sleepless nights are even harder. So, you can imagine how much the young mother will appreciate an entire day of massages, beauticians, pampering, etc. Heck, you can get yourself one – and go together!

A yoga mat or a yoga membership

Now, be careful with this gift (and the one after it). We don’t want to send the wrong message across, i.e. tell the already somewhat hormonal pregnant woman that they are fat. Nor do we want to, with the other gift, tell them they are ugly. However, with a good approach and some basic psychology, you can get them a gift that will help them restore their pre-pregnancy physique without making them feel insulted, depressed, or self-conscious.

A beauty set

Again, don’t get them offended. Do it with tact, and the beautiful, glowing, perfect mother-to-be will be more than grateful.

A baby monitor

An incredibly useful little gadget.

A baby crib

Granted, most parents purchase a crib themselves. However, if you know they hadn’t done it yet, get them one. Mind you, good cribs can get expensive. If you can afford, it’s an unbelievable gift that will take the financial stress of the parents and help them focus their efforts on other things.

Books and LEGOs for when the child is older

As far as toys and education go, these are the best gifts for a child. Period. This is based on one person’s heavily biased, flawed research (mine, thank you very much), but it mightn’t be too far removed from the truth. Right? LEGOs facilitate the development of the child’s imagination and motor skills, and books will ensure the child is well-read, thinks critically, and is extremely outspoken.

This concludes our list. Don’t forget about flowers. Ensure that the mother-to-be is happy, satisfied, and ease her transition from non-pregnant – pregnant – back to non-pregnant again. But more important than the gifts you get them, be a good friend, a companion, and, soon enough, a great role model for the little one.

If you have any comments, questions, or gift ideas for the mothers-to-be, let us know down below!

Sarah Marsalle

Author: Sarah Marsalle

Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.

Sarah Marsalle
Sarah Marsalle is a dedicated gifting expert since 2016. She helps people to do, say and give in more gracious and loving way. She is a guru in gift traditions and has thousands of ideas for any and all important events in life.
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